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KH2000 Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

View times:  Author:admin  Published time:2018-03-01

KH2000 Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

KH2000 series smart pressure transmitter adopts advanced diffused silicon sensor component of NOVA SNESOR of  GE INFRASTRUCTURE SENSING and changes medium AP or GP into 4 ~ 20mADC standard signal output through high reliable intelligent circuit of HART protocol. At the same time, it can achieve HART protocol communication, check and self-testing through adding digital signal based on 4-20mA signal and accurate temperature compensation. The operation can make remote control or reconfiguration to KH2000 pressure transmitter in field site or control room.  High quality sensor, exquisite seal package technology and perfect assembling process assure excellent quality and premium performance of the transmitter. KH190 has various process connection types, widely meet customer’s requirements and used in industrial fields widely.
1、Hydraulic and pneumatic control system
2、Industrial process measure and control\
3、Gas and oil control system
4、Laboratory pressure calibration system
5、Petrochemicals, environment, air compressed
6、Light industry, machinery, metallurgy
7、Thermoelectric combination
8、Other automation testing control system
9、Building water supply and constant pressure water supply
10、Ship and airplane navigation systems
11、Power station inspection and motor systems
1、Diagram material: 316L stainless steel
2、Pressure connector material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti
3、Electric housing: Aluminum alloy surface with plastic-sprayed
4、Electric connector: M20x1.5, female or seal cable connector
5、Indicator: 5 digit LCD indicator
6、Weight: about1.3kg
7、Protection class:IP65
8、High accuracy, high stability, high reliability
9、Stainless steel isolated diagram, wide application
10、High performance-price ratio
11、Anti- EMI and anti-RF
12、Self-testing and check function
13、HART protocol digital communication technology

1、 Zero-calibration: without keys, calibration by PC or manual operator; indicator with key, calibration by key configuration.
2、 Range-calibration: without keys, calibration by PC or manual operator; indicator with key, calibration by key configuration.
3、 Power effect: less than 0.1%/V of output range
4、 Load effect: negligible
5、 Temperature effect: 0.05%FS/10℃(0.1 grade), with high temperature change after range shift.
6、 Stability: 1 year when within required accuracy and maximum range.
7、 Damp time: 0-32 second set flexibly; 0.2s default; can be reset by PC or manual operator

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